those who received the Nobel prizes in 1965 and 1978 were AMICABLY STRENGTHENED. Not only did they make graphic errors in the design of their research results, but they were unable to see and record a number of new physical scientific results that we have graphically drawn up on our scientific results (Fig. 1, b).
After receiving their experimental data, I could not resist scientific criticism and published it at the same time. They were not able to see and record more than half of the new physical scientific results in the results of their experimental data.
The American graph (Fig. 1, a) does not have separate theoretical and experimental data, which I made out on my graph (Fig.1, b) obtained by recalculating the American data.
It was believed that the Wine formula is valid only for closed systems. However, the Nature of the radiation process is the same, so there must be a connection between the process of blackbody radiation and the process of radiation of the Universe, and we have no right to avoid verifying the validity of this fact using the VIN formula.
Sorry, we are taught in school that in a flat Cartesian coordinate system there is the beginning of the axis OX. Positive numbers increase along this OX axis to the right side of zero, and numbers less than zero (negative) increase their numerical values of wavelengths to the left side of the OX axis. But on the American chart (Fig. 1. a) there is no zero. This anti-logical action is a consequence of the scientific thinking of the authors of this action in English, which is full of exceptions to the rules of writing and pronunciation of English letters, words and sentences.
I could not accept the illogicality of the physical and experimental dependence of the radiation of the Universe (Fig. 1, a). I recalculated the American illogicality into Russian logic on a calculator and saved the results of the recalculations in my personal archive for posterity.
Continuing my correspondence with the American astrophysicists Penzias and Wilson, who each received two Nobel prizes for their scientific achievements, I Express my gratitude to them for their modest scientific achievements. If they were not there, there would be no deeper scientific analysis of their modest scientific achievement.
VIN's law immediately pointed out that my theoretical scientific result completely coincided with the American experimental scientific result (point A in Fig. 1, b.)




Fig. 1(a and b)

The universe we observe is known to consist of 73 percent hydrogen, 24 percent helium, and 3 percent heavier elements. This means that the background temperature of the Universe is formed by photons emitted by the nascent atoms and hydrogen molecules. From my physical theory of the microcosm, it follows that the maximum of these photons is at a certain point B (Fig. 1, b). The combination of all types of radiation (atomic and molecular hydrogen) forms the maximum radiation at point C (Fig. 1, b).
Surprisingly, physicists believed that Planck's law of black-body radiation describes the regularity of radiation only from a closed black-body cavity. The theoretical and experimental evidence presented by us (Fig. 1. b) shows that the photon emission process is realized in a completely open Universe.
It is believed that the relic radiation with a maximum at point A (Fig. 1, b) was born more than 10 billion years ago as a result of the "Big" explosion". The intensity of the relic radiation above the average background was not detected. The decrease in the density of the relic radiation from the background value is fixed and is called the anisotropy of the relic radiation. It is found at the level of 0.001% and is explained by the existence of the era of hydrogen recombination, 300 thousand years after the "Big Bang".
This era, according to astrophysicists, " Froze” inhomogeneity in the radiation spectrum of the Universe, which has survived to the present day (Fig. 1, b). But a new analysis of the radiation spectrum of the Universe has shown. That its source is the processes of synthesis and cooling of hydrogen atoms and molecules that go on in the stars of the Universe continuously. They (Fig. 1, b) have nothing to do with the fictional "Big Bang".

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