Kanarev F. M.

The idea of this energy was born from the theory of the microcosm, which I devoted to the development of the SCIENTIFIC and EDUCATIONAL PROCESS in RUSSIA.

        From the theory of the photon developed by me (Fig. 1), it follows that the velocity of the center of mass M of the photon (Fig. 2 a.), changing sinusoidally, does not take negative values.

Fig. 1: a) model of the photon interaction with choroidal 6 magnetic fields; b) model of the photon with the radial interaction 6-the magnetic fields

Fig. 2: a) velocity of center of mass M of a photon is equal 300000км/c does not accept null values: this is amazing difficult to understand a scientific fact; b) the dependence of the tangential force of inertia acting on the center of mass M of the photon (Fig. 2, b)


So. the photon, moving at a speed of 300000 km/s, does not use any fuel. Its engine can be called fuel-free.

Immediately there is an idea to develop a universal fuel-free engine for any moving body. A positive answer to this question in a continuously thinking scientific head came, about a day later. I was struck by the simplicity of the design of this engine.


Stopping my senile science won't stop this process.


28.07.2020 K. F. M.