There is a scientific idea with a one-hundred-percent guarantee of operability.
Immediately start experimentally testing this functionality. We need a laboratory with two or three specialists who know the technology of working with magnets.
A fuel-free engine is a mechanical structure that self-generates mechanical impulses that move its moving mechanical object.
Previously, so-called secret scientific laboratories were created for the implementation of such works. There are no restrictions on creating them now.
Scientific Director of life in scientific-educational process and its assistant - the operator of the research site working in their fields for more than 20 years. We need 2-3 specialists with knowledge of manufacturing magnetic systems.
I, Philip Mikhailovich Kanarev (I am 84 years old), am ready to start running such a laboratory. 20.07.2020 G. K. F. M.

Can we describe the simplest example of an elementary fuel-free operation of a simple mechanism? We describe by elementary observation a non-standard action of the kinetic moment in a well-known mechanism (Fig. 1, C). What force will arise at the moment of moving to the center of one dumbbell? This action will be accompanied by an inner force. At the moment of this action, the internal force of such a system will move the axis of rotation of the entire mechanical system in the direction opposite to the movement of the dumbbell.
And now imagine that this dumbbell will move them-pulse. It is quite natural that at the right moments of movement of the dumbbell, forces will be formed that impulsively shift the axis of rotation of the entire mechanical system in one direction.
It is easy to understand that the internal impulse forces that change the system will not consume external energy, that is, they will perform the functions of a fuel-free engine.

Fig. 38. Visual operation of the law of conservation of kinetic moment

Now let's imagine rotating flat sectorial magnets, which, as they rotate, will form impulse forces that move the system in one direction. The pulsed nature of these forces will support the rotation process, without consuming external energy, and will cause it to move without a fuel engine.

30.07.2020г. K.F.M.